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‘Charades’: A comedy of manners

While traveling through the Vulcan system, Spock and Chapel — with much tension already present between them because of their simmering and suppressed feelings about each other — take a shuttle to study the Kerkhovian moon, home of the mysterious and rarely encountered energy beings called the Kerkhovians. The promise of valuable scientific discovery may be at hand, but instead, an encounter with a rupture in space-time causes the shuttle to crash. The Kerkhovians intervene and repair the shuttle and heal Spock and Chapel, returning them to their state before the crash — except they make one crucial error and "repair" the half-human, half-Vulcan Spock by making him completely human.

"Charades" is an entertaining sci-fi high-concept comedy/soap opera with enough substance to provide some character insights amid the low-key but sometimes obvious humor. It strikes the right balance in not taking itself too seriously while still taking the characters’ plights just seriously enough. Admittedly, the expanded run time of 60 minutes might be stretching some of the material a little thin.

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