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‘Lost in Translation’ or failure to communicate?

I’m on the fence with "Lost in Translation." On the one hand, it does a pretty good job of just being an episode of Star Trek, with a decent sci-fi mystery premise that’s processed through a solid character core. On the other hand, the execution feels off. It seems sluggish when it should be psychologically intense and suspenseful. This is another episode that probably would’ve benefited from being trimmed down by 10 minutes or so.

There are also too many examples of poor communication among the characters — especially, ironically, the communications officer. Given the setup and the giveaway title, it feels like it takes a long time for the crew to reach the inevitable conclusion that the strange happenings are being caused by alien communications. You’d think given all the brainpower here, everyone would put the clues together to solve the mystery rather than frustratingly splitting up all the information and operating in silos. This probably would’ve been solved much more quickly if the characters sat down at a conference table, TNG style, and just talked it all through. Instead, the script has Uhura inexplicably withhold details to keep the mystery unsolved.

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