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M’Benga gets lost in the fog of war

"Under the Cloak of War" is dark, haunted, and morally gray in a thoughtful way unseen in Trek since Deep Space Nine‘s darkest war outings. It’s also the real deal, because it manages to raise a lot of intriguing and difficult questions as it skirts right up to the Trekkian moral line without quite crossing it. The ending is murky, troubling, and has an ambiguity that speaks to the central idea of the main character losing himself in the fog of a war that may have technically ended, but is still very much being waged internally. As Chapel notes, "War doesn’t leave you."

The ticking clock is set in motion with the arrival of Ambassador Dak’Rah (Robert Wisdom) arriving on the Enterprise to be transported for a diplomatic mission. Dak’Rah, who now simply goes by Rah, is a famous Klingon former general who once masterminded the mass slaughter (including civilians and children) against the Federation in a protracted battle on the moon of J’Gal.

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