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Season finale: Here today, Gorn tomorrow

I guess it had to happen eventually on the episodic Strange New Worlds: The episodic season-ending cliffhanger. "Hegemony" hews closely to the TNG cliffhanger style, resembling one of that show’s middle-season-capping two-parter setups. It’s an effective and efficient sci-fi thriller with expectedly excellent production values and a nice sense of foreboding and a good balance between action and downtime. Is it on the level of "Mr. Worf, fire," the yardstick against which all Trek cliffhangers will forever be measured? Not remotely, but few are.

The question of how the Gorn figure into the Trek canon, and whether SNW‘s use of them can plausibly match up with TOS‘s "Arena" has never much concerned me, so I have few issues with the Gorn being used as SNW‘s mysterious Big Bad. With "Memento Mori" and especially "All Those Who Wander," the writers re-established them in the mold of Alien, with a creature-feature vibe (perhaps too much so) and an escalation in the (moderate) gore, and that continues here.

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