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‘Lower Decks’: Season 4 starts with a twofer

Star Trek: Lower Decks kicks off its fourth season with a two-episode premiere.

“Twovix,” the better of the two episodes, is an entertaining romp that shows what Lower Decks has become as it starts its fourth season — which is essentially the same show it was in its first season, but more refined, balanced, restrained, and effective at doing what it does. In setting this episode aboard a museum-ified Voyager, the writers allow themselves to plunder the archive for as many Voyager references they can fit in.

“I Have No Bones Yet I Must Flee” is not quite as good as “Twovix” but is close enough, and there’s something to be said for this show’s unwavering focus on the devotion this core group of friends has to one another. I’m finding that when this show can strike the right balance between its sincerity and its lunacy, it works out.

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