Eventually I will write again

Hey, there. How’s it going?

I’ve been silent for quite a while on this site that used to be mine. Right now, it seems like it belongs more to the people who comment on the site, because I’ve been MIA so long that I’ve become more like the host emeritus. Hopefully that won’t last forever. (Read more…)

Jammer’s hiatus explained with a special announcement

One might be wondering why — with only six TNG reviews to go before finishing up my long-protracted and often-delayed TNG reviewing project, and thus completing my reviews of the entire Trek canon — I would suddenly stop after my last post back in early December. My latest hiatus can be explained simply, but I’ll also break down some details for those who find interest in stuff like that. (Read more…)

Jammer’s Reviews gets an upgrade

Jammer's DeskMy desk, which lately has felt like my home away from home — if not for the fact that it’s inside my home.

Based on how long it’s been since I’ve posted any new TNG reviews, one might assume that I am neglecting Jammer’s Reviews, my longest-running website project.

Far from it. I’ve been working hard on a behind-the-scenes upgrade to the website, which is necessary from time to time. The last major upgrade was in 2007. This upgrade marks the sixth generation of the site. I’ve created at least one new feature which should be of use to the active commenters who frequent the site.

Learn much more about this upgrade here.

Making a cameo in my own production

Lest everyone assumes that I’ve forgotten that this website exists, let me assure you that I have not, so I’ll give you a quick update on things.

First, the TNG reviews. Sigh. I’m afraid what I’d hoped would be the Summer of Jammer’s Awesome Comeback has quickly slipped away to become the Summer of Lost Opportunities. After roaring through season five of TNG, season six remains on the back burner, and I regret to inform that I watched the first four episodes of season six back in late May, wrote the first review, and then got pulled away. Fast-forward nearly three months, and my grand plan to get TNG done before fall has become a fantasy. I’ll get back to it, but inertia has dragged me down yet again, I’m sorry to report. (Read more…)

Celebrating 15 years. One more year until this site can drive.

It’s that time of the decade again. Every March in a year divisible by 5, I reach a nice, round milestone. This time, it’s 15. Yes, that’s right: It’s the 15th anniversary of Jammer’s Reviews being on the web.

I guess technically it’s only the fourth anniversary of “Jammer’s Reviews,” since the 10 years before that the site was called “Star Trek: Hypertext.” I think for the first year or so it was actually called “Hypertext Reviews of Current Star Trek Episodes.” Talk about prosaic. If you remember when it was called that, please send a shout out in the comments below. (Read more…)

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