Jammer’s Reviews & Blog go mobile

Jammer Goes MobileYou can now read Jammer’s Reviews & Blog on your mobile device.

In my ongoing quest to keep up with the times, I’ve installed a mobile edition for Jammer’s Reviews & Blog, which is a version of the site intended to be friendly to on-the-go handheld devices like smart phones.

This initiative was prompted largely by the fact that a few months ago I finally upgraded my cell phone to a smart phone and broke down for mobile Internet. I’ve found myself using my phone for Internet access more than I thought I would. The next logical step was to make my own sites more friendly for mobile devices, now that I could test on one.

I thought it would be a quick project that would take a few hours. It ended up taking a few hours every day over the past week.

The initiative stopped short of retooling my site’s underlying structure. Some structural changes were made, but for the most part I shaped the mobile edition’s code around my existing site, not vice versa. (Read more…)

The difficulty of overcoming inertia

One thing that’s been abundantly clear to me about “maintaining” (*) my review site and blog this year: Inertia is a bitch.

* I feel the word “maintaining” requires quotes at this moment, seeing as Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox have been running from an explosion on my home page for more than three months now — never my intention when I posted that image. (**)

Back last December I was faced with a panic situation. I still hadn’t written most of the BSG season 4.0 reviews, and season 4.5 was breathing down my neck. I had precious few weeks to write more than half a dozen reviews that I knew would be long and detailed and exhausting (because I was dealing with the exciting and much-to-discuss final season of BSG). And as I had that weekly deadline of 4.5 episodes always threatening me, it forced me to turn out my reviews on a breakneck (for me) schedule so I could keep up. Then the final episode aired and I was off the hook and could sigh in relief. No wonder it took me six weeks to finally post the finale review. (Read more…)

Jammer’s Blog, the reboot

Two years ago, when I launched IDWID, the first incarnation of my foray into the blog world, I had a mission. That mission was: (1) Here’s a blog where I can write more stuff, and (2) there are no parameters to the mission, because It Do What It Do [TM].

IDWID was more or less conceived as a series of inside jokes, and early blog posts reflected that nature. Over time, however, it became clear that IDWID as a name and a concept was too disconnected from Jammer’s Reviews and its audience and where I actually wanted the blog to go. (Read more…)

All quiet on the IDWID front (2009 edition)

This is not a surprise, but there’s been little action here at IDWID since I’ve been back to my regular reviewing duties on Battlestar Galactica over at Jammer’s Reviews. This blog isn’t dead. It’s just inactive for the time being. At some point, it’ll be back. There might even be some changes in store for IDWID in 2009. We shall see.

All quiet on the IDWID front

IDWID has been less busy of late. There are a few reasons for that. The first is, of course, the return of Battlestar Galactica reviews, which will be occupying much of my writing time for the next couple of months.

The second is that I’m in the process of buying a house, which, as you can imagine, takes up chunks of time here and there, especially since I’m shopping for things that will be going into that house shortly after I move in. Next week I begin the fun process of packing, followed the week after that with moving.

Consequently, I’m not putting a lot of thought into IDWID at the moment. If a blog topic pops into mind (one actually did yesterday, but I forgot what it was before I had a chance to write it), I might be motivated to write, but otherwise things might be a little quiet in my corner of the “blogosphere” (a term that CNN has endlessly adopted and which needs to be murdered).

That’s okay, because I’m guessing most of you would rather see activity over on the Jammer’s Reviews site than here, anyway.

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