An admission I can no longer deny

Much to my heavyhearted regret and chagrin, I have to admit something that pains me to no end to confess, and yet I cannot go on denying. (Read more…)

And this year’s winner for Douchebag Theme Song is…

“Don’t Trust Me” by 3OH!3, featuring these winner lyrics. At the risk of sounding like an out-of-touch-with-today’s-youth kinduva guy (you know, someone who might shout “Get off my lawn!” to neighborhood kids), I must voice my hatred of this godawful song.

I was standing around at a Fourth of July party with some friends a couple weeks ago, and this song came on the radio. When I mentioned how much I hated it, a friend said, “Yeah, this is like the douchebag theme song.” Talk about hitting the nail on the head. Yes. That’s it exactly. I wish I’d thought of the phrasing myself. (Read more…)

Review: Nine Inch Nails: ‘Year Zero’

Note: I’ve been sitting on the bulk of this review since mid-May because I didn’t get around to finishing it. But now that I’ve wrapped up my ramblings, here it is — decidedly less than timely.

I have an unwritten rule that I occasionally break, which is: I don’t write about music. I could feel comfortable being a film or TV critic. But a music critic? No way. (Read more…)

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