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I have an announcement for Jon & Kate

Jon & Kate Gosselin have an announcement. So say the advertisements for tonight’s episode of TLC’s “Jon & Kate Plus 8,” a formerly cutesy reality show that I’ve seen exactly two episodes of.

Those two episodes were seen about a year ago as I was doing things around my house and had the TV on a random channel for no particularly memorable reason. Here was this couple, with eight kids (six sextuplets; two twins). During the interview segments, the couple sat on the couch and talked to the cameras, and what became very clear to even the novice viewer was that Jon was fairly hands-off about things, and that Kate didn’t miss any opportunity to bitch out her husband on camera. Jon would sit there and take it, and you could almost read his thoughts as he’d try not to react when belittled in front of a basic cable audience. (Read more…)

Just stop it already, you Black Friday idiots

Two years ago, on a lark, I did the Black Friday thing, as sort of a sociological experiment more than anything else. I consider myself above the fray on this whole issue; even as I was doing it I was lamenting the stupidity of having lowered myself to participating in the increasingly hyped event that is the Biggest Shopping Day of the Year. (Read more…)

You’ve got to be kidding me

I haven’t been watching any non-cable network television over the summer, so I was amazed to find out (or maybe not) via one of my RSS feeds that there was a show that debuted on Thursday called “America’s Greatest Dog.” (Read more…)

Enough with this Miley Cyrus bull$#!%

The overexposure is really starting to rankle my ass, and the pop-garbage media, apparently at a loss of things to talk about (but that’s why they’re pop-garbage), have latched onto the Miley Cyrus flap over her Vanity Fair photo shoot.

To the pop-garbage media: Stop it. Stop it now. (Read more…)

Stop complaining about ‘losing an hour’

Daylight-Saving Time begins Sunday at 2 a.m., for which I am glad, because that means I get an extra hour of daylight in the evenings, which in turn makes it seem more like spring (even if the weather isn’t there yet) and less like this interminable winter that I’ve had to endure. (Yes, I said “I” and not “we” because, on IDWID, it’s all about me. Maybe IDWID actually stands for “I Do What I Do.”) (Read more…)

I’ve had it, had it, had it with this winter bull$#!%

I’m used to winter. We have it here every year. In the past we’ve had some mild winters and some average winters — but this winter? It has been a harsh and long, long winter. And I’ve fucking had it. (Read more…)

The FCC is a (expletive deleted) joke

I’ve long known that the FCC — or specifically their censorship arm — is a joke. This was especially confirmed in the months after the 2004 Super Bowl and its crappy MTV-produced halftime show starring Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake and the infamous “wardrobe malfunction.” (Read more…)

The endless cycle of a declining popular culture

Paparazzi scumCheck this shit out (Fig. 1). These photog sleazebags should be ashamed of themselves. Even more ashamed than Britney should be of herself.

I watched a “news” video online the other day that framed an absolutely shameful picture. I’ll get to the shameful part in a minute, but the video was taken at the scene of the climax of the latest Britney Spears meltdown. (Paging Dr. Phil. Ugh.) Aside: Is it a coincidence that Britney Spears’ initials are B.S.? I have my doubts.

I’m referring, of course, to last Thursday when Spears reportedly got into a dispute with her ex over custody of their kids and was later taken away in an ambulance after the police were called. It was the latest of many incidents, and it won’t be the last.

One of the things about Spears and the madness of the celebrity gossip cycle that surrounds her is that every incident is just one more chapter in her never-ending novel. Spears has become a pop-culture constant; just wait for a while, and you’ll inevitably have yet another “celebrity meltdown” story. (Read more…)

I’m done with McAfee VirusScan

McAfee Annoyance CenterCheck this shit out (Fig. 1). McAfee tells you how vulnerable you are with handy red thermometers that might as well say “You suck” so that you go out and buy more of their increasingly annoying products.

For years and years and years, I’ve been a loyal customer of McAfee for their virus protection and security software. Lots of people swear by Norton, but I’ve never been one of their customers; just didn’t happen that way. There’s a saying in retail that if you can get a customer early in their buying days, you can have them for life because they’ll practice brand loyalty. I happen to believe that’s true, because if you’re comfortable with something, why bother changing? (Read more…)

Please: Christmas does not begin on Nov. 1

Okay, people. Enough is enough. Every year it starts earlier, and earlier, and earlier. Well, maybe not really — after all, I’m not seeing Christmas stuff in August yet, so there must be some sort of graduated push-back schedule. But I’m pretty sure that at some point earlier in my lifetime, Christmas season did not begin until around Thanksgiving. It has slowly gotten pushed earlier, and now Christmas begins as soon as Halloween ends. (Read more…)