Brett Favre: Just retire already

So, for how many more years will we have to go through the Brett Favre retirement/unretirement drama? It’s become something of a running (and tiresome) annual joke. Even as a Bears fan, I have nothing against the highly respectable Favre, who is a guaranteed Hall-of-Famer and seems like a classy guy. But, really, isn’t enough enough? (Read more…)

World Series or bust; place bets on ‘bust’

So. I just watched the Cubs lose the third of three straight losses to be swept out of the playoffs in 2008, a season that from my vantage point most of the way seemed like it had the makings of something special. This team seemed like it had the best chances of a Cub team in a long time. But they got swept out of the postseason in the first round, for the second year in a row. (Read more…)

The hopes of ending the 100-year drought

Contrary to what it may seem at this point, I’m not talking about my lack of reviewing or blogging when I refer to a drought of 100 years. To those who know what I’m talking about when I say “100-year drought” … well, you already know what I’m talking about. I don’t have to say anything more. “100-year drought” says it all, and you already know what the conversation is going to be. (Read more…)

Race to the White House: The sports event of 2008

John King and the Delegate MapCheck this shit out (Fig. 1). CNN’s John King proves that election coverage is not only sports coverage, but a video game you can play yourself.

As I’ve mentioned before, when it comes to watching sports, there’s only one season that really matters to me: NFL season. From September until the Super Bowl, I watch football like an addict. Two games on Sunday — maybe even three — and then ESPN analysis. SportsCenter. NFL Primetime. Basically, any knowledgeable analysis of football becomes raw nourishment for my need to understand in detail what has happened and will happen on Any Given Sunday.

And when these football professionals talk, it sure sounds convincing. They can predict the future, give their reasons, and make it plausible. And it’s fascinating. They may end up being wrong (and who among them wasn’t wrong about the Patriots versus the Giants?), but that goes with the territory. (Read more…)

They aren’t who we didn’t think they weren’t

That Super Bowl was an exciting game, with a final two drives by both teams that displayed the sort of classic drama and heroics that get repeated as sports cliches. I wasn’t expecting to be so much on the edge of my seat, but by the end of that game I was high-fiving and cheering like I was a Giants fan (which I’m not). (Read more…)

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