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They are who we thought they were

It’s been a long, frustrating season for Chicago Bears fans like myself. After their exciting run to the Super Bowl last year, which ended in a loss, the “Super Bowl loser hangover” seems to have played out in full force, and the Bears will not make the playoffs this season. The quarterback situation is a mess, as expected, with no less than three changes at starter since September. (Read more…)

An IDWID sports discussion (mostly Chicago)

When it comes to sports, I don’t write about them. It’s probably for the same reason that I don’t write about music. While I enjoy music and sports, I don’t feel that they fall within my area of expertise, so I’ll leave the analysis to people better suited to it. But I do enjoy watching sports, particularly when there’s something exciting going on. Being in a Chicago-dominated pro sports area, I was raised on the Cubs, the Bears, and the Bulls. Not so much the White Sox or Blackhawks. We’ll get to that in a moment. Here are my random sports thoughts thrown into categories. (Read more…)