Twitter: Let’s get this party started

Twitter tweets you
Twitter. A-holes. Silly bird and cartoon T make me feel compelled to tweet. Too bad Conan’s Twitter Tracker is no more; now he can’t follow me.

Last year, I posted my position that was not exactly anti-Twitter, but certainly not at all for it, either. I wondered whether it was a fad, and questioned its utility as a worthwhile endeavor on the Internets, where we use the Google and stuff.

Even then, I knew that post was the blogging equivalent of ice-skating uphill and revealing myself as an out-of-touch fuddy-duddy.

I think that column reveals more about me personally than about the Way We Live Now. I also think that it’s time to backtrack and take advantage of The Way We Live Now, rather than fighting it merely because it allows me to be a quieter and less plugged-in procrastinator. I should opt to be a noisier and more technologically dependent procrastinator. (Read more…)

3D cinema? Possibly. 3D television? Please get real.

AvatarAvatar and 3D: The future of cinema? Not so fast.

The film industry has been trying to push 3D on its customers for a while now, but it has just in the past year or so shifted that campaign into high gear. 2009 had a number of notable titles to be released in movie theaters in 3D (most of them CGI-animated productions that easily lend themselves to the 3D process because they are completely digitally created).

Now comes the 3D “game changer” behemoth: Avatar. This is going to be the movie that changes everything, right?

Well, not so fast.

Avatar is the first modern 3D feature film that I’ve seen. By “modern,” I mean the sort of 3D by way of modern techniques like circular polarization, as opposed to those 1950s-style red/blue glasses.

Avatar is a wonderfully entertaining and unsubtle message movie and a visual achievement (and no, I will not be reviewing it), but I am not convinced that it needs to be seen in 3D. Granted, the 3D was pretty damn cool. There were scenes where you could literally focus on foreground objects on the screen as if they were really there, and then switch your focus to objects behind them, and the foreground object would go double, just like in real life. There are some breathtaking shots in 3D, where the experience becomes immersive. And impressive. (Read more…)

Review: Microsoft Windows 7

Actually, this isn’t a review, but an announcement that there will not be a review of Windows 7, because I find Windows 7 to be inexplicable. (Read more…)

Abandoning the battle against spam

I don’t understand why people are so afraid of spam in this day and age. It seems to me that people get overly concerned about giving out their e-mail address to companies or web sites or what-have-you, because “they’re going to send me a bunch of stuff I don’t want.”

Well, I suppose there’s a kernel of truth there. After all, why would someone want your e-mail address unless they wanted to e-mail you? And I admit that I have a tendency to omit my e-mail address from forms where it’s not needed. But then there are those who feel a need to create a separate e-mail account specifically because they don’t want to see spam in their “real” inbox. At which point, it seems to me that the cure is taking more effort than dealing with the mild symptoms of the disease. (Read more…)

Twitter: Latest fad for the ‘Information Superhighway’

Twitter tweets you
Twitter provides you with plenty of Tweets, which are sort of like dumber versions of blog entries.

The Internet is particularly susceptible to media fad mentality. Back in the early days of the Web’s mainstreaming (about 1995), people in the media loved throwing around goofy fad terms like “Cyberspace,” “Virtual Realm,” and the “Information Superhighway.”

The latter was always my favorite, because it managed to take a one-syllable concept — the “Web” — and turn it into needless four-syllable jargonese. These names existed only because journalists wanted to sound cooler when they reported them.

Such is the case with the Internet’s latest mega-craze, Twitter. I gotta be honest with you. I fail to see the value of Twitter in about 95 percent of its application. Who needs a status update on you eating lunch, or going to a movie, or DRIVING A CAR? (Dude: Drive your car; don’t “tweet” your status for those of us “following” you.) There’s even a microblogging cat on Twitter. (Read more…)

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