Caprica review: ‘Know Thy Enemy’

Caprica: Know Thy Enemy

A Graystone corporate rival from Tauron arrives on Caprica and accuses Daniel of murder and theft. Clarice takes on an unlikely caper on behalf of the STO.

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Caprica review: ‘There Is Another Sky’

Caprica: There Is Another Sky

Tamara Adama, trapped in the virtual world, discovers she is different from the other avatars. Meanwhile, Daniel faces the prospect of a boardroom coup at his company, and Joseph finds an increasing distance opening up between him and his son.

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Caprica review: ‘Gravedancing’

Caprica: Gravedancing

When Daniel agrees to go on a late-night talk show, he considers distorting the truth about his daughter for the sake of public relations. Joseph finds himself caught between his conscience and a brutal Tauron code when he asks Sam to take vengeance on the Graystones.

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Caprica review: ‘Reins of a Waterfall’

Caprica: Reins of a Waterfall

The fallout from Amanda’s shocking public announcement puts Daniel’s business in jeopardy. Joseph and Sam play hardball when paying Daniel a visit. Zoe links back into the virtual realm, where she makes a surprising discovery. Sister Clarice makes contact with the STO.

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Caprica review: ‘Rebirth’

Caprica: Rebirth

Zoe finds herself treated like a machine, with her handlers unaware that her consciousness has been preserved inside a Cylon body. The Graystones’ grief proves troublesome as they consider attending a public memorial for the train bombing victims. William hangs out with his mob-connected uncle Sam, to the ire of Joseph.

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