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A public service announcement from David Lynch

The Internet is the future of video, as has been proven by the WGA strike (which looks to be officially ending this week). But watching movies on the Internet is still not a particularly good option, in my opinion. It can provide a substitute in a pinch, but with current technology and bandwidth, it’s not a way I would ever choose to watch a movie, given the alternative.

This opinion is echoed in a hilarious video featuring director David Lynch that I saw a month or so back, which takes the iPhone advertising theme song and uses it for a message of its own.

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Couldn’t agree more with the guy.

The cinema screen is the only way to watch films, with my 3 metre projection screen coming a close second.

Having said that, I still wouldn’t have understood Lynch’s Lost highway in whatever format I watched it in.

Lynch’s work relies so much on imagery, that a 2 inch screen is a joke.

I only watch stuff on screens that small that I have seen before.

If I had an iPhone or some other gadget like that, I’m sure I’d use it to watch shows or movies or whatever, and I’m sure it’d be fun to have, but certainly not as a primary viewing source. Something to use riding the subway, at best.

The man’s right; it’s like listening to music through two cups and a piece of string.

Regardless of the screen still unable to fathom the deeper portents of Eraserhead….

Actually were there any?

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