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Jammer’s Reviews: TNG Season 6, Episodes 20-23

TNG: Frame of Mind
Riker is trapped in a mental ward. Aren’t we all.

The last time I posted feels like quite a long time ago (discussions of the Priceline Negotiator notwithstanding), probably because, well, it kind of was. Right after my last TNG update, I got pulled into a fairly significant homeowner project that occupied a very busy couple of weeks, which somehow derailed my entire writing process. I don’t know what it is, but keeping things going sometimes feels like a freight train. It’s all about the momentum; as long as it’s moving along, it keeps on moving along. But once it stops, it’s somehow hard to get things going again. Suddenly I looked down and six weeks had gone by.

I think it’s just me and how I operate more than anything else. But anyway, here are four new reviews for my continued and nearly complete Summer of Season Six. I should have the last three reviews finished next week to close out the summer, after which I’ll take on season seven in the hopes of still finishing TNG by year’s end.

As summer ends, I must say I’m sad to see it go (as I always am), despite this year’s ridiculous heat wave. The funny thing about August in the U.S. is that it is most definitely a transitional month. At the start of it — even though they’ve been getting shorter for more than a month — the days are still quite long. But by the end of it, the descent becomes so apparently rapid, and you realize that fall, and by extension, winter, is on its way.

There’s some essay in here about endings and death and all that bullshit, but I’m not going to be so pretentious as to embrace it. Hell, I shouldn’t have been so pretentious as to even mention it. I should’ve just thought it and then called it a night. But I didn’t. Sue me.

Anyway, see you after Labor Day.

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They’re always worth the wait, dude. (P.S. you *kinda* took my suggestion!)

In England we’ve had our wettest summer in 100 years!

This summer was so dry my lawn went dormant for nearly three months. Only in August did we finally get some rain. Driest summer in decades for a lot of us in the U.S.

Guys, I’m up in Canada, and standing in line, just saw the National Geographic Cover “What’s up with the weather?” Is NG serious? Ad revenue diluting intellect, I guess. At the risk of pretentious, do people not connect the dots between our industrial culture, and greenhouse gases that affect the climate? Or at least question the consequences?

I’ve been expecting this part with great expectations, since I’m a huge fan of “Frame of Mind”. Glad you liked it, too.
Minor nitpick: In the short summary of “Second Chances”, it should be “eight _years_ earlier”.

You’re not the only one who’s activities are driven by momentum. I can start a project in my personal life and work on it daily for quite awhile, but a few days break can make it difficult to motivate myself to re-start it. Similarly, exercising daily is easy until I take a break.

It works that way for unproductive stuff too. I can pick up a computer game that I haven’t played in a year and think I’ll only just play one game; I’ll end up playing it every day for weeks.

I suppose I just have a habit-forming personality. Glad I’ve never gotten into anything truly ‘bad’ for me.


The “Second Chances” summary is fixed. Thanks.

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