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Gone but not forgotten

"Forget Me Not" is a refreshingly, unusually quiet and introspective hour of Discovery that feels like it’s from a previous generation of Star Trek. It’s among the quietest and most character-driven episodes of the series. It’s perhaps not the most riveting episode of all time and it employs plenty of mystical alien mumbo-jumbo, but it’s very nicely done and sincere, and it benefits from a final revelation that’s truly intriguing — building on a concept previously explored by adding just a slight little spin on things that’s rather ingenious.

The episode takes us to the Trill homeworld, to see if they can help Adira — the only known successful example of a human joined with a Trill symbiont (I guess Riker in "The Host" doesn’t count because it was temporary) — recover the Tal symbiont’s memories, which are blocked from her. (These memories include those of Admiral Senna Tal, who may know where to find what remains of the Federation.) Indeed, Adira can’t remember how she even came to be joined with the symbiont in the first place.

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