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‘Discovery’ returns: Federation to the rescue, like it or not

Overall, "Kobayashi Maru" is fine, with things about it that are good, even. The plot is a straightforward if overdone peril-and-rescue scenario in which the crew must come to the aid of a Federation space station that’s spiraling out of control for mysterious reasons. This plot, naturally, makes use of the convenient device of excessive interference that renders the transporters useless (still a problem in the 32nd century!) and therefore requires a much more protracted and dangerous operation.

The rescue must be attempted by boarding the space station after flying through a violent debris field while Discovery‘s shields are endlessly buffeted and weakened and the ticking clock counts down. As these sort of Trek staples go, with the camera shaking and the sparks exploding, it’s reasonably well executed, with a certain effective intensity. But little stands out here for good or ill — which is a big improvement over much of last season’s closing episodes.

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