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‘Picard’ does the tried-and-true with ‘Disengage’

Jack Crusher asks Picard, "Is there anyone you know who is still the person you knew?" It’s a question central to this season — and perhaps this series — that I think is especially useful to consider as we catch up with characters whom we haven’t seen in over 20 years. I’ve heard complaints that Picard and Seven are unrecognizable compared to who they were 20 years ago. I don’t necessarily even agree with that, but to a certain degree, isn’t that the point?

The question is asked about halfway through "Disengage," which is an efficient, straightforward, tried-and-true Standoff Situation. In this scenario we have the heroes and villains in close proximity, and the villains provide a deadline that, if not met, means the unleashing of firepower that promises annihilation. It’s certainly not the newest or freshest idea on the block, but as a way of establishing the core conflict with the key players, it does so with an adequate amount of interest and tension.

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